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​The goal of the ISEA is to position Israel as one of the leading countries in the Smart Energy domain;  both in terms of developing local innovative industry, as well as local adoption and deployment of Smart Energy solutions.

The association has two, tightly linked, goals:
• To accelerate the adoption of Smart Energy solutions in Israel
• To support the growth of local innovative Smart Energy industry

The ISEA leverages its global and local stakeholders to build knowledge and generate business opportunities for its members at the fast growing Smart Energy space.

Through its activities, the ISEA:

• Increases the awareness of the Smart Energy potential for businesses
• Initiates discussions with policy makers to drive regulatory issues and accompanied  incentives
• Exposes leading Israeli customers to potential solutions for their implementation
• Builds relevant local knowledge
• Establishes joint working groups for customers, government, manufacturers, and other stakeholders around specific areas of interest
• Encourage live dialogue and cooperation with relevant organizations in other countries
• Encourage knowledge sharing between the academy, the industry, and energy providers from Israel and the world
• Supports the formation of trials and pilots opportunities

ISEA Goals

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