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ISEA Supporters:

LNCon’s software as a service (SaaS) platform features an automated, scalable, energy-optimization service that exploits the cooling system management capabilities of commercial office buildings to make buildings cooling remarkably more energy efficient, while keeping the room temperature intact.

ESCO Israel is an entrepreneurial company in the field of energy, implementing projects on increasing energy efficiency and savings of power consumption. The company initiates, finances and implements projects on increasing energy efficiency, by managing energy consumption and by assimilating state-of-the-art technologies. ESCO Israel finances the entire investment and divides the proven savings with the customer with no investment on his part.

Mobix Wireless Solutions offers the world’s first truly cost efficient solution set for the Smart Grid and AMI market.  The solution is robust yet economical to deploy and maintain while delivering state-of-the-art reliability, performance and availability.


C.E.S. has developed a complete energy management system that provides smart functionality and energy efficiency to all types of residential buildings and commercial facilities. The unique, patented solution aligns interests between consumers, building managers and energy suppliers to yield efficient usage, savings, and better quality of service. The C.E.S. solution is economic, easy to install and simple to use.

Panoramic Power is the creator of Energy Management System (EMS) that supplies device-level energy intelligence, enabling enterprises and organizations to more efficiently use energy and optimize operations and maintenance resources. We help customers improve their energy efficiency using a breakthrough power flow visibility platform

Nortex Technologies is a System House company that aims to be a leader concentrated on Smart Grid and efficient energy saving technologies, based on embedded communication solutions. ​​

​​​Nortex's Spot™ AMI technology, offers energy saving solutions based on Smart Metering technologies, for total management of electricity, gas and water consumption, providing errorless data, theft loss reduction, billing efficiency and cash flow improvement, online usage control, multi- tariff structure and supporting service of high level real time data display for consumer.

RAD Data Communications

RAD Data Communications is an award-winning manufacturer of service assured access and backhaul solutions. Its leading-edge technology, strict adherence to quality standards and environmentally friendly operations, together with a corporate culture that encourages long-term relationships with customers, channels, suppliers, and employees, combine to make RAD an ideal partner.


"GridON is addressing the growing challenges on electrical transmission and distribution networks.  GridON's  Fault Current Limiter enables power supply increase from conventional generation and renewable resources.  The system facilitates network inter-connectivity and improves the quality, reliability and availability of the electrical grid.  GridON's solution cuts capital and operating costs and prolongs equipment useful life. GridON's first commercial product was installed and commissioned at a UK Power Networks substation. 

Topping thousands of other innovative technologies, GridON was the proud recipient of the coveted GE ecomagination Powering the Grid award. It has also won the prestigious European ACES Smart Grid award."

MTR Smart Grid Systems and Solutions

MTR leads the development of "Last-Mile" meter communications systems setting the standard for Smart Grid reading and control of utility networks.

MTR Smart Grid Wireless Systems connect a public or private utilities remotely located Administrative [command, control and management] Center  – to each & every Client End Point [CEP] – water/gas/electrical meters and multi type sensors etc' in the grid  enabling two-way communication with each individual CEP.

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ISEA Governmental Supporters

The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

is responsible for the energy economies and national resources of the State of Israel: electricity, fuel, cooking gas, natural gas, energy conservation, water, sewer mains, oil exploration, ores, scientific research of soil and the sea and more

The Ministry of Environmental Protection 

The environment in the State of Israel will provide quality of life and environmental security to the residents, based on the wise use of resources and the protection of ecosystems based on commitment to human welfare and natural, landscape and heritage values for present and future generations. The State of Israel will be one of the world leaders in sustainable development. responsible for the energy economies and national resources of the State of Israel: electricity, fuel, cooking gas, natural gas, energy conservation, water, sewer mains, oil exploration, ores, scientific research of soil and the sea and more

The Office of the Chief Scientist [OCS] 

The Office of the Chief Scientist [OCS] in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor is charged with execution of government policy for support of industrial R&D. The goal of the OCS is to assist in the development of technology in Israel as a means of fostering economic growth, encouraging technological innovation and entrepreneurship, leveraging Israel’s scientific potential, enhancing the knowledge base of industry in Israel, stimulating high value-added R&D and encouraging R&D collaboration both nationally and internationally. A variety of ongoing support programs developed and offered by the OCS play a major role in enabling Israel to be a key center for high tech entrepreneurship.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor 

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor focuses on the promotion of economic growth in Israel. The Ministry is engaged in the encouragement and support of export and international commerce, in order to assist Israeli businesses in enhancing their exports and entering new markets abroad.

 A national program that was approved by the Israeli the government in 2011. Budgeted ay NIS 1.4 billion ($365 million) for 10 years, with the purpose to invest in the development of new oil-replacing technologies

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